CT Dirt Work

Our Values

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CT DirtWork and Landscape strives to be known as, “a cut above the rest”:



We value the opportunity to work with each and every customer. Individualized service allows us to honor the expectations and desires of our customers. We will vigorously communicate through all phases of project design, installation and maintenance. We honor our bids and are thorough in our project evaluations so that change orders and costly misunderstandings do not happen. There are no surprises!


Whether it be showing up for a bid, meeting for a consultation, starting or finishing a project on time, or simply returning a voicemail, you can count on us to do what we say!


No client should ever have to inform their contractor that something was missed or done improperly. Each crew member is trained to pay attention to the small stuff – the little details that distinguish ‘good work’ from ‘great work’. With CT Dirt Work and Landscape, you can expect ‘great work’.


CT Dirt Work and Landscape represent that we will be known as a ‘cut above the rest.’ We strive for excellence:
  • in design
  • in managing client and project engagements
  • in plant and product material
  • in our dedicated crew members
  • installation and implementation
  • reputation